The Game of Moans

In the land of all things “creative and design” resides a village of fools, leads, and prospects. There also resides clients who make you want to step down from the throne faster than Cersei Lannister when she saw The Red Keep on fire. Who are these undesirable creatures taking up valuable space in our kingdom […]

What is a Customer Avatar?

No, we are not talking about those funny blue guys in that three-hour-long movie a few years back…by definition, the word “Avatar” means: “an icon or figure representing a particular person in digital format.” Your customer avatar basically is your target audience on steroids. If you run a business or conduct any type of marketing, […]

Woman in Business

We all know the saying that “behind any successful man is a woman” well I say, “behind every successful woman is a WOMAN!” Most woman these days have a lot on their plate. Juggling so many balls at once, all while trying to look good at the same time! Such as being a good girlfriend […]

Custom Instagram Highlights

Okay so I am sure all you have seen this cool new feature on Instagram called Highlights. What’s great about this is now your fun, unique and in the moment, stories won’t disappear after 24 hours. You can save them under the highlights section on your profile and have them there FOREVER!! (or until you […]